The Most Frequent Mistakes in Hajj

In the pillars of Islam, performing the Hajj occupies the last position after the creed, prayer, fasting, and zakat. For that, you can visit Hajj even is regarded as a special worship compared with other worship, of course, because the Hajj can only be done in the Mecca. In Hajj, there is a series of pillars and processions that must be done by the congregation. Therefore, every candidate of the congregation is required to make the necessary preparations for the implementation of Hajj smoothly without hindrance.

Here are some of the most common mistakes of Hajj:

1. When Ihram

– Pass through miqat without ihram.

– A misunderstanding that says that ihram means when already wearing ihram cloth, whereas ihram means intention in the heart to do the ritual of Hajj.

2. When Tawaf

– Reading different prayers on every tawaf round, whereas the Prophet himself never taught that.

– Engage in the Hijr Ismail inside the Ka’bah. It is clear that Tawaf may only be done outside the Ka’bah.

– Forcing yourself to kiss the Black Stone to encourage and hurt other congregations, whereas the law of kissing the Black Stone is a Sunna, not obligatory.