What You Need to Know Before Buying Universal Studios Singapore Ticket

It looks that most of us agree that Universal Studios Singapore is also one of the places that love to be passed when it was there. A secret prize is something that most people do not know. If you go to the USS on your birthday, you can claim a special gift. The way to stay just come to Guest Services Lobby and take your prize. The prizes vary, depending on inventory. If you have the interest in considering it as the destination, the first thing to take into consideration is tiket universal studios singapura.

Aside from that, Many people also do not know if it turns out most of the buildings in the Holywood Zone is a replica of the original building in the real world. For example, Mel’s Drive-In. Well, the original Mel’s Drive-In has also appeared in his film George Lucas entitled American Graffiti. The original building you can go directly to Hollywood, California.