Internet History That You Should Know!

You may be using the internet every day but how much do you know about the internet? Does the internet stop here? No, today the Internet is growing with the expansion of the network or commonly referred to as satellite internet. With the help of satellite internet providers such as then the rural community can get a fast internet connection with the price of getting lost. Regardless, have you ever wondered how it all started? How big is the internet actually? How many users are currently? How long is the average time a person spends to visit a website? Well here’s the review!

Who first issued the term “World Wide Web”?
The first person who introduces World Wide Web is Tim Berners-Lee in 1990. He is also regarded by most people as the first person to start.

How is the beginning of the internet?
Many people believe that it all began in the early 60s when universities like Dartmouth, Berkeley, and other universities in the US used their IBM computers in turn. At that time people share the same computer to do their tasks. The Internet also gets help from Sputnik! After the Russian satellite was launched in 1957, President Eisenhower then formed ARPA to improve communications and computer networks. Then with the rise of the times, the internet is increasingly updating itself to the present can reach remote areas with the help of satellite internet.