A fine strategy for the business with local targets

Because in the local SEO marketing strategy is very referring to the geographic area, then your business location becomes significant and geofencing  very influential keywords. Therefore, including the geographic keywords in your page title and meta description. To strengthen your geographic keywords we can include business names, addresses, business descriptions and phone numbers on every page of the website. Meanwhile, you might also want to try the recommended geofencing marketing for boosting the mobile local marketing for your business.

As for the placement of business identity to cover all the pages can be positioned in the footer because the placement at the bottom is common so as to facilitate visitors. Or we can place on the top/header as long as not interfere with website navigation.

Optimization of the name of the region such as the name of the city can be more leverage when placed on the title of the article. If possible include also the name of the geographical region in the URL and the content tailored to the Latent Semantic Index concept.

To take advantage of the blog marketing strategy, while your business has multiple locations, you can create categories by region name.