Arabic is the chosen language for the Qur’an

In the Qur’an Allah SWT affirms clearly that the Quran is derived from Arabic “Alif, laam, raa. These are the true verses of the Qur’an (from Allah). (Yusuf: 2) Imam Ibn Kathir explains in the book Qur’anil Adzim, “Because Arabic is the perfect language of the system of pronunciation and the writing of it , most obviously the word structure and sentence, the most robust of the grammatical, the richest and broadest of vocabularies, and the most capable of verbalizing human thoughts and feelings. So the most special book is revealed in the most special language. “Similarly, Imam As-Sa’di explains in his commentary,” One that causes the verses of the Qur’an to be clear and real is that it is revealed in a special language that is Arabic. “The analysis of the two reference mufassir of the people above was in line with the opinion of many experts from various circles based on the in-depth study of the language of the inhabitants of Paradise. Meanwhile, you can visit to learn Arabic quickly.

An ancient language expert and the famous middle eastern civilization of Ernest Renan (1823-1892 AD) reveals “From the very beginning the Arabic language was formed with a perfect system as a language and nothing in human history yet. Arabic does not have a transitional period and never fade its characteristics throughout the course of time. One of the great German novelist Gustav Freytag (1816 -1895 AD) states, “Arabic is the world’s richest vocabulary.” Likewise, a literary scientist from Columbia University, William York Tindall (1903-1981) says “Arabic has the character which is soft and flexible so as to adapt to the times.