Tips to Tease Couples in Bed with Lingerie

Male sex passion often depends on what He sees. Therefore, to increase his passion, there’s nothing wrong if you occasionally look beautiful with lingerie on the bed. Get sexy lingerie lace by visiting our website now.

What to wear on a bed is often a big question for women. Wearing a dressing, of course comfortable. However, it does not necessarily look beautiful. Instead, wearing lingerie is certainly beautiful and sexy. However, not necessarily feel comfortable. To decide wisely what you should be using, think the moment correctly. If the day is a hard and tiring day for the He, there’s no harm in trying to please the couple and look beautiful with lingerie. By using sexy lingerie, passion makes love will be guaranteed to increase.

But before hastily wearing lingerie, do not forget to combine the type of lingerie with the moment.

1. Lingerie On The First Night
Yes, one of the special moments in which you are supposed to look beautiful with lingerie is on the first night. Make this night a special night with something special too. But since it’s the first night, show him who you really are. With the meaning, do not use excessive sexy lingerie and do not also use the ancient lingerie that has 2 years ago you buy. On this night, use the lingerie that you normally wear. If you do not use thong, do not use thong. If you are not comfortable using a garter belt, do not use a garter belt. Instead, use something comfortable and casual, but still enticing. For example, use transparent underwear that matches your bra or use babydoll lingerie. Choose the lingerie that suits your style so as not to seem artificial.

2. Lingerie During Pillow Talk
If in the evening you and your partner just want to talk and not have sex, lingerie is super complicated would not be a recommendation. Pajama was not the right choice. When just want to cuddling with a partner or pillow talk after making love, use something that accommodates skin to skin contact. Even if you want to wear pajamas, use pajamas made of silk that can strengthen the impression of smooth on the skin. You can also combine pajamas with open tops. This combination can make the body feel comfortable as well as sexy at the same time. Avoid sleeping gown with lace so that your skin and your partner avoid itching.