Understanding the location-based marketing

Currently, mobile phones, mobile phones, are not only used for talking or texting. In fact, even many smartphone users actually have very rarely called or sent SMS. They communicate using integrated communication facilities like Facebook Messanger, Whatsapp, Line, etc. In the meantime, you can also try to use the Spinjutsu GPS spinner too boost your location-based SEO campaign.

The average social media platform, including Facebook’s most widely used, can identify locations and users can choose to publish the information. So a user can say “He’s eating well”, upload photos of the food he is enjoying, and the system shows precisely the location where he was at that time. Friends who are connected to the same platform can be tempted to see the photos uploaded, and if the location is close they could just slide.

Here are some location-based marketing benefits that are commonly distributed through smartphones:

Real-Time Communication

Companies can communicate with customers or potential customers that are identified near the site in real time. Once someone is identified in a particular location because he (for example) checks in via Foursquare via the smartphone he is carrying, the company can instantly send you a discount coupon. With the same device, the company can also identify if potential customers are heading into place.

Modern Version of Marketing “from Mouth to Mouth”

Social media portals that have facilities to identify locations also allow one to share experiences with friends who connect with them through the portal. Her friends who see and rate the information are interesting, may share it with their own friends. So it spreads from mouth to mouth so that the experience that a person may share may come to people who are completely unfamiliar.

Companies must be keen to take advantage of this as an opportunity.

Guiding Our Place

In the past when someone told him there was a good restaurant, maybe then there would be a long chat to explain the location and not necessarily the person who was told would actually be able to imagine it. Now when someone shares his experience of eating well in certain restaurants through social media portals, for example, the exact location of the restaurant can be directly identified. Those interested can directly connect the information with GPS facility that will guide it to the location.